International project: Technology for the Degradation of Persistent Organic Pollutants


Main Participant: E&H services, Inc.

Other Czech Participant: ESSENCE LINE, s.r.o

Foreign Participant: EnProCo Berlin GmbH – Germany –

Foreign Participant: Xenometrix AG – Switzerland –

Project Period: 3 years 2017-2019


EUREKA Label:   EUREKA E!11168 – 11. ledna 2017

EUREKA Number: LTE117016


The objective of the Project

The objective the project to optimized processes were designed based on a pilot reactor for the decontamination of solid waste containing highly chlorinated POPs, with main impact to separation of POPs from various matrixes. The developed technology was tested and evaluated from the point of its performance, capabilities and efficiency. The technology had a proven safety of the output material for human health and environmental hazards. The project also focused on an effective genotoxicity testing of the input and output material related to the reactor as well as model samples of contaminated environments. The tested feedstocks preferably covered a broad spectrum of solids with a varying content of POPs. Since hydrogen chloride gas is generated during the process, chemically resistant materials were applied such as Hastelloy™ in order to withstand the gas impact at temperatures exceeding 100°C. As a part of this project complex genotoxic tests were evaluated for fast, effective methods for destruction assessment and evaluation of contamination borders. Complex of technologies were certified by ETV and proposed as BAT techniques.